Hello! I’m glad to see you in my Althemy blog!

I’m Alla, but almost all my accounts are called Parket – that’s my nickname. I live in southern part of Russia – in Krasnodar city. Now I’m 25, and since 2010 my main hobby is a modeling in Gothic, Cyber Gothic and horror styles. I believe, that photo is an art, that’s why I always try to create a whole story for each shooting and don’t make selfies. Now I’m practicing in sewing and sometimes make my own clothes. Of course, I won't become a designer! I’m just trying to create simple dresses for myself. One more hobby of mine is making handmade chokers, handkerchiefs and strange Cyber Punk things. Some years ago I became a fan of Industrial dance. I have several performances and dance videos, which you can find on my YouTube channel. Then I discovered for myself historical dances, started to visit real balls and studying quadrilles, mazurka, waltz. Victorian Picnics in different parts of world inspired me to organize such an event in our city. It was successful, and soon there will be the fifth Victorian Picnic in Krasnodar. I also took a part in organizing two photo exhibitions in our city – about horror and Cyber Gothic, Industrial, Steampunk styles. As an editor-in-chief I made Industrial online magazine ZRDE. What else? I like to travel, especially to Germany, I have a pet called Luther and it’s an Eublepharis, I have a Master’s degree in Philology, and sometimes I write stories.

Here you will find all about my creativity – photos, articles and videos. Enjoy!

Facebook page: parket2013/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/alla_parket/